Strungballs by Mike Russell

Strungballs by Mike Russell

I had the opportunity to review a new book called Strungballs by Mike Russell. I would like to thank the author Mike Russell, and Jay, the secretary for Strangebooks for reaching out to me and offering an opportunity to review my first book for my blog.

What are Strungballs? That is question that everyone wants to know when they begin reading this book. The story starts out introducing Sydney who is about to have a medical procedure done to have a portion of his skin removed. After the procedure, he is given a ‘Strungball’ by his parents to show his bravery.  The ‘Strungball’ is nothing more that a red ball that is placed on a white string which is then placed in the hole where he had the skin removed with white string hanging down in front of his medical gown. The warning that he is given is “Once a Strungball is inserted, it must never be removed.”

The world that Sydney lives in is very robotic like. The citizens all seem to have standard routine that they live by and they are always focused on doing what is good. Russell also points out that numbers and time are very important to them as well. Popularity is based on the amount of ‘Strungballs’ a person has. The more, the better.

At first, Sydney is happy about his ‘Strungball.’ That is until he meets Albert, a much older gentleman who has many ‘Strungballs.’ Albert begins to mess with Sydney’s head and makes him question things about his life, which initially makes him remove the ‘Strungball’ from his chest? So, what happens to Sydney after he removes it?

This story was is definitely one of the strangest books that I have read, but it was interesting. It did draw me in as I was reading about the world Sydney lived in and after I found out what Strungballs were. When Sydney began his journey to find out the truth of the world, the story started to get a bit stranger, but in a good way.

If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy stories, this novella is for you. It is quick read, but full of imagination and I honestly believe there is a good message that goes along with it. It is a story that will make you think after you finish it, but that is what makes it so intriguing.


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