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Memoir Series by Marni Mann

Memoir Series by Marni Mann

Marni Mann has become one of my favorite authors to date. Any time she releases a new book I immediately download it on my kindle.  I even became friends with her on Facebook because I why not. She seems like a fun, down to earth person to follow. I usually try to keep authors on the same pedestal because there have been cases where I would fall in love with a book series and then the follow up books would be a huge disappointment. There have also been cases where I would become attached to an author and all of sudden they would not release anymore books. So I made the decision to not have a favorite author or book series so I could spare myself the disappointment.

But then I was introduced to Marni Mann. I was updating my GoodReads page when one of her books caught my eye. It was called Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales: A Story of Addiction. There were nothing but five star ratings on this book and the reviews were majority positive. I decided to add the series to my To-Read list.  It took me about a week to finish this series and it probably would have been sooner if I could have devoted all of my time to it.

Memoirs Aren't FairyTales by Marni MannScars from a Memoir by Marni Mann

The series touches on heroin, addiction, darkness, rape, and finding hope and meaning after recovery. I do not think there is person out there who could not feel broken on the inside after reading these books. Even though I have never been an addict, I connected with the lead character Nicole on so many levels. Every single word struck a chord within me. Every character was unique, but real. You could feel the emotions that Nicole was going through. When I started this series, I knew it was about addiction because of the title obviously, but I was not prepared for what I was about to get into.

By the time I finished both books I was an emotional wreck. In a good way.  I not going to say these books are easy reads because they aren’t. It is a powerful and raw story of a girl struggling with addiction and it will have you deep in your feelings. The writing was beyond incredible. If you’re someone who does not know to much about addiction then this series is a great one to read. I honestly felt like I was walking in Nicole’s shoes while she was going through everything.  It has been two years since I first read this series and it still manages to creep into my thoughts from time to time. This series was one the main reasons I fell in love with dark fiction.

Although this story is fictional, Marni made sure to make readers understand that the struggle of addiction is very real. When I finished this series I had so many emotions running through me. This was the first book that ever made me cry. I have read many books, but none have ever brought me to tears.

I highly recommend anyone to read this series. Marni Mann wrote a vivid story of the horror of addiction and how it stays a part of an addict’s life. It will make you view the world that surrounds you in a different light.

If you ever read this Marni, I want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me get rid of my bias and judgements and opening my eyes to an addict’s life. The last thing that they need is to be judged and ridiculed. They need support and love so they can defeat these demons.

If you ever have a chance, read these books. I promise you will not regret it.

Do you have a favorite author? What is your favorite book by them?

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