Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish

Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish

This was my first book that I read by Lauren Landish and I was not disappointed.  I have heard many good things about Lauren so I decided to give her a try. After reading the synopsis, I knew I wanted to make this book apart of my GoodReads challenge.

First off, the book cover was super hot, so when I was going through which of her books I wanted to read first, this one stood out. I usually read my books on my iPad or Kindle, so if I am out in public reading, I know I won’t get any weird looks from people.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this book is the dialogue. Lauren made the characters more relatable with the dialogue between the characters which made it more enjoyable. We are introduced to  Katrina Snow who is a senior designer at her job where she specializes in creating apps for phones. She has trust issues due to a string of bad relationships and her father not being the best role model when she was growing up. Derrick, also known as The Love Whisperer, is a popular radio DJ who gives love advice on his popular satellite radio show.

The book begins with Katrina discovering that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, which then influences her to call Derrick’s radio show for some relationship advice. With only hearing each others voices, the romance between the two of them begin. Even though Katrina has serious doubts about the fairytale romance, Derrick manages to break down her walls to show her that there are loyal men out there.

Lauren does a great job at bringing all of the characters to life in this book. Dirty Talk is a short and quick read, but the Lauren does not disappoint.  The story has its funny moments along with its emotional moments. All in all I am glad that this was the first book that I decided to read from this author. I downloaded a few more of her books to my library so I’m hoping they are just as entertaining.

Genre: Romance

Pages: 292

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